Leadership mistakes to avoid


Leadership mistakes contribute to falling standards around the office due to a lack of motivation or inefficient management.

Here are some leadership mistakes to avoid in the workplace.

Being hypocritical
Leaders that do not meet the expectations they set will lose the loyalty and respect of their employees. If you require your staff to come in ten minutes early every day or are strict on their lunch break, follow your own rules. Setting a consistent standard will make employees feel they are being treated fairly.

Shifting blame
Employers that do not take accountability for their own mistakes and shift blame onto their customer or their employees will lose the support of both. Admitting you are in the wrong is essential for moving forward with the business relationship by making amends.

Poor delegation
Your delegation will fail if the task is given to an unsuitable member of staff or a new responsibility is given without the leader providing training and feedback.

Save money on your office printing


Printing is vital to running your office but may incur significant costs.

Save money around your office by following these tips on managing your printing supplies.

Manage your ink and toner use
Ink and toner are costly and frequently replaced, especially if your office prints in high volumes. Invest in genuine toner rather than cheap products to avoid damage to your printer and reduce replacement rates. Encourage staff to use the draft print mode, which is a feature available on Microsoft office. The print will use less ink, and the text will appear lighter but readable for office use.

Reduce paper usage
Excessive use of paper is costly and environmentally harmful. Encourage double-sided printing and print more than one page per sheet to reduce costs and your environmental footprint.

Track your usage
Implementing software that tracks employee usage of printing supplies will help you see whose printer use is problematic.

System and hardware overhaul
You may need to update your systems or your printer if they are becoming outdated. Newer technology will increase efficiency and cut costs.

Trustee reporting obligations checklist


Trustees must comply with reporting obligations to avoid penalties from the ATO.

The following trustee reporting checklist to make sure you are stress-free at tax-time.

Trustees must:

  • Value the funds’ assets at their market value at 30 June
  • Pay any minimum annual income stream payments required under super laws
  • Get an actuarial certificate if required
  • Prepare the fund’s end of year financial accounts and statements
  • Appoint and approve a SMSF auditor not more than 45 days before the SMSF annual return is due
  • Lodge your SMSF annual return by the due date
  • Lodge your transfer balance account reports if required
  • Review the fund’s investment strategy and document the review
  • Maintain all the fund’s records as required under super law

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