Dealing with workplace accidents


Despite a staff member’s or employer’s best intentions, there is always the chance that things can go wrong in the workplace. And when accidents do happen, it is important that businesses know how to respond and follow correct, lawful procedures.

An important step is to report the injury to the workers compensation insurer as soon as possible. Often there is an excess to be paid if the report isn’t made within a certain time frame.

Also, getting quick treatment for the injured employee helps them to return to work quickly, minimising the impact their absence would have on the business.

No matter how small the injury may seem it is still important to report it. What may initially appear as a minor injury could end up with serious consequences, especially in relation to muscle strains.

If the employee is unable to resume their regular job, it may be an idea to give them other tasks so that they can still be involved in the business.

The most important step in dealing with workplace accidents is to show concern and support for the injured worker and assist them in making a return to the business.